Thursday, December 5, 2013

animals on the go

I used Prisma Colors to add value to this drawing by adding white and black to areas and darker/lighter values of a color. I showed movement in this drawing by the chameleon by it reaching out with its tongue to grab a beetle. I think that there are many benefits to using Prisma Colors. One of them being that you can use a lot of layers of colors and overlap colors to brighten them. I think the benefits to sketching are to get a good idea of what you want before you make a final product. It allows you to experiment with different styles and values. This project took a really long time and I had a little trouble getting all the really light values. Overall I really enjoy the end product and I’m proud of it!

Figure Drawing

This week we did figure drawings. Proportion and scale are very important in figure drawings because if one aspect is wrong, then the whole drawing won’t look proportional. For example, if your hip placement and your shoulder placement don’t align correctly, then the rest of the body won’t look to scale. I think that I showed mass and volume in this picture by making the shoulders and hips the right way and by adding ripples and shading. I think gesture drawings and figure drawings are really beneficial because they help you understand the human body and how it moves. I like working with charcoal because it blends easily and you can be freer with charcoal than you can with pencil. I think I had challenges with the shirt because it was so loose and it is hard to look at a body with loose clothes on and still make it look proportional. Overall, I really liked doing gesture and figure drawings because I could add my own style with still being precise with the movement of the body. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

oh the places we will go

I wanted to think of something fresh and new and fun. I came up with air balloons because they are so whimsical and colorful! First, I sketched out what i wanted to draw in pencil; second, I painted the backgroud blue with watercolor; third, i sketched and cross hatched everything in pen; and last, i colored two balloons to give this drawing a lot of different aspects and materials. I don't feel like i struggled too much with this painting but the cross hatching was very tedious. In the end, I really like the outcome!


First, I tried to find a "one of a kind" idea. I really like the way the human body looks when its swimming so I decided to go with a swimming position. The point of view affects this drawing by almost following the drawing. it makes you wonder where she was going and why she was doing it. I never found myself very good at drawing the human body or any features that came with it. Drawing the legs and feet really made me challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone. My creative process begins like this: first, I clear my mind; second, I come up with various ideas that no one else will do; and third, I challenge myself by finding the most difficult, yet creative, piece. Overall, I really enjoyed this project!

Paper bag

Value is important because if all I drew were lines, then the bag wouldn't look realistic Value is also important to see where you're lights and darks are. I like this drawing because the individual lines really stand out! I think i could've done better by adding more of the dark values and less of the light values. Overall I really liked this project because it really challenged my shading skills and it taught me better perspective on shape.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

fish tile

today, we painted a fishtile and i really liked the outcome! first, i painted a blue base coat and then inpainted the main colors, andlastly, i painted a shiny coat!


today we did a landscape drawing for class. It's not much of a landscape photo but i still really like it. I really liked painting this picture because i got to be really creative! a lot of shading and hard work went into this picture. first, we painted the picture a green or orange. next, we painted the things closest to the back, and then the things closest to the front. Overall, i really enjoyed painting this. i got to be as creative as i wanted!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

flamingo stencil

In this picture, we made a stencil and it came out as this pretty, hot pink flamingo stencil! First, we drew a full size picture in our art notebooks of 2 animals. Then, we chose 3 different angles for each drawing. After that, we chose which one we liked the best and we chose the angle we liked best for the drawing we chose. Next, we traced the flamingo into the linoleum and then started carving! Soon, we chose paper and the paint color that we wanted and printed the flamingo onto the sheet of paper! I enjoyed this lot and really liked the outcome! I would definitely love to do this again some time! Although my cuts could’ve been a little cleaner, I still enjoyed this project a lot!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frog Tongue

Today, we attached a frog to a tongue to make the person above look like their tongue was in the shape of a frog. First, we copy and pasted a picture of a frog and a picture of a tongue to Photoshop. Next, we had to crop the frog so that there was no background. After that, we had to make the background of the frog look like the tongue. And last, we added a shadow so it looked more realistic. Overall, I enjoyed this more than the pancake monster because it was easier which I was actually surprised about. This one took me a lot less time. It also looks better. I still enjoy regular drawing rather than Photoshop, but today was a better experience than the other day.

Monday, April 15, 2013

pancake monster

Today we attached a fish mouth to a delicious looking pancake creating.. "pancake monster". I found this assignment really annoying and tedious. As you can see, my pancake monster was more like a blob with teeth. I found it really difficult to cut out the fish mouth and to create a normal looking spot to put the pancake in. As you can see in the bottom of the picture, i had a tough time opening up the pancake correctly so that it would fit the mouth which obviously didn't work out a planned. I find myself enjoying actually drawing and painting rather tan using photo shop to create art. Furthermore, I don't like using computers to create any type of art. I pretty much just find photo shop confusing and annoying. I wish the outcome of the so called "pancake monster" turned out better and was easier but the picture itself obviously showed how much i struggled. Overall, I didn't enjoy this project and would rather use an actual pencil rather than a computer mouse.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spray paint poster

The spray painting was relatively fun! Cutting out the stencils was actually really boring and that's the only part of the project that I didn't like. First what we did was went on the computer and edited our photo to make it have different colors. Next, we took a picture of the print out and projected it up on a board. From there, we traced each individual color on a different piece of poster board. Then, we cut out the poster board ans spray painted each color. I also learned some lessons that have to do with our drawing. The most important one would be to be VERY careful with the exacto knife (I accidently cut myself). The next would be to stand on the opposite side of the wind so the spray paint won't blow on your clothes. To me, this wasn't my favorite project. I definitely think I could've done a little better. I was a little disappointed with the result but I still really liked the colors I chose. Overall, this project was a fun, new experience that was hard work, but a good payoff.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

contour shoe drawing

For this drawing, we were contour drawing. We couldn't take our pen off of the page. Every time we drew a new contour drawing (whether a hand or shoe), we got better. I feel like we got better each time is because we were more aware of the lines and we were more experienced. each detail had to be perfect or it didnt look right. I really liked this project because I've never done contour drawing and I only got better! As we practiced, we noticed how much we really improved.

ipad shading and shapes

Today we used an app on the ipad to make a circle, cone, and a square. By using different colors and layers, you could shade the different shapes and make them look very realistic. First, you chose random colors and made two different color patterns as you can see in the back (blue and pink). We used different shades of the colors and then added another layer on top of that which let you draw the shapes without blending with the background of the picture. then, we chose 5 colors for each shape and colored them accordingly(2 of them being white and black). After we finished with each shape, we drew a matching shadow. We used a blending tool to blend all the colors which i found very difficult. It was hard getting all the colors to blend naturally. Overall, I found this project fun, yet challenging. The hardest part of the project was finding a blance between sharp edges and soft shading. I didn't feel to successful about this peice because the edges weren't sharp enough. What didn't work was trying to make an awesome picture on the ipad, it was very difficult. What worked about this peice is that all the colors reallu enhance the picture. If i had to do this project over, I would making the shapes have sharper edges. I learned that finding a balance in art can be challenging. It is different from oil pastels because you can control oil pastels more. technology is important in art because there are effects that you can get that you can't get from regular painting.

Friday, February 1, 2013

spongebob skeleton

Today we drew a skeleton of a cartoon of our choice. I chose Spongebob Squarepants. We used shading and chose a picture online. First, we traced the picture we printed out. Second, we drew bones and eventually it became an awesome skeleton! I used a ruler for the head to ensure the lines would be straight and i left the holes in his head so you could recognise the cartoon character better. the hardest part for me was definitely drawing the feet. I though drawing the feet was really difficult because of all the tiny bones and details. It was also hard to get the two feet almost the same size. I really enjoyed this project because it was fun and really related to my childhood. Spongebob used to be my favorite show when i was little! I really enjoyed looking back and drawing one of my favorite characters.