Tuesday, February 26, 2013

contour shoe drawing

For this drawing, we were contour drawing. We couldn't take our pen off of the page. Every time we drew a new contour drawing (whether a hand or shoe), we got better. I feel like we got better each time is because we were more aware of the lines and we were more experienced. each detail had to be perfect or it didnt look right. I really liked this project because I've never done contour drawing and I only got better! As we practiced, we noticed how much we really improved.

ipad shading and shapes

Today we used an app on the ipad to make a circle, cone, and a square. By using different colors and layers, you could shade the different shapes and make them look very realistic. First, you chose random colors and made two different color patterns as you can see in the back (blue and pink). We used different shades of the colors and then added another layer on top of that which let you draw the shapes without blending with the background of the picture. then, we chose 5 colors for each shape and colored them accordingly(2 of them being white and black). After we finished with each shape, we drew a matching shadow. We used a blending tool to blend all the colors which i found very difficult. It was hard getting all the colors to blend naturally. Overall, I found this project fun, yet challenging. The hardest part of the project was finding a blance between sharp edges and soft shading. I didn't feel to successful about this peice because the edges weren't sharp enough. What didn't work was trying to make an awesome picture on the ipad, it was very difficult. What worked about this peice is that all the colors reallu enhance the picture. If i had to do this project over, I would making the shapes have sharper edges. I learned that finding a balance in art can be challenging. It is different from oil pastels because you can control oil pastels more. technology is important in art because there are effects that you can get that you can't get from regular painting.

Friday, February 1, 2013

spongebob skeleton

Today we drew a skeleton of a cartoon of our choice. I chose Spongebob Squarepants. We used shading and chose a picture online. First, we traced the picture we printed out. Second, we drew bones and eventually it became an awesome skeleton! I used a ruler for the head to ensure the lines would be straight and i left the holes in his head so you could recognise the cartoon character better. the hardest part for me was definitely drawing the feet. I though drawing the feet was really difficult because of all the tiny bones and details. It was also hard to get the two feet almost the same size. I really enjoyed this project because it was fun and really related to my childhood. Spongebob used to be my favorite show when i was little! I really enjoyed looking back and drawing one of my favorite characters.