Tuesday, May 28, 2013

fish tile

today, we painted a fishtile and i really liked the outcome! first, i painted a blue base coat and then inpainted the main colors, andlastly, i painted a shiny coat!


today we did a landscape drawing for class. It's not much of a landscape photo but i still really like it. I really liked painting this picture because i got to be really creative! a lot of shading and hard work went into this picture. first, we painted the picture a green or orange. next, we painted the things closest to the back, and then the things closest to the front. Overall, i really enjoyed painting this. i got to be as creative as i wanted!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

flamingo stencil

In this picture, we made a stencil and it came out as this pretty, hot pink flamingo stencil! First, we drew a full size picture in our art notebooks of 2 animals. Then, we chose 3 different angles for each drawing. After that, we chose which one we liked the best and we chose the angle we liked best for the drawing we chose. Next, we traced the flamingo into the linoleum and then started carving! Soon, we chose paper and the paint color that we wanted and printed the flamingo onto the sheet of paper! I enjoyed this lot and really liked the outcome! I would definitely love to do this again some time! Although my cuts could’ve been a little cleaner, I still enjoyed this project a lot!