Wednesday, October 16, 2013

oh the places we will go

I wanted to think of something fresh and new and fun. I came up with air balloons because they are so whimsical and colorful! First, I sketched out what i wanted to draw in pencil; second, I painted the backgroud blue with watercolor; third, i sketched and cross hatched everything in pen; and last, i colored two balloons to give this drawing a lot of different aspects and materials. I don't feel like i struggled too much with this painting but the cross hatching was very tedious. In the end, I really like the outcome!


First, I tried to find a "one of a kind" idea. I really like the way the human body looks when its swimming so I decided to go with a swimming position. The point of view affects this drawing by almost following the drawing. it makes you wonder where she was going and why she was doing it. I never found myself very good at drawing the human body or any features that came with it. Drawing the legs and feet really made me challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone. My creative process begins like this: first, I clear my mind; second, I come up with various ideas that no one else will do; and third, I challenge myself by finding the most difficult, yet creative, piece. Overall, I really enjoyed this project!

Paper bag

Value is important because if all I drew were lines, then the bag wouldn't look realistic Value is also important to see where you're lights and darks are. I like this drawing because the individual lines really stand out! I think i could've done better by adding more of the dark values and less of the light values. Overall I really liked this project because it really challenged my shading skills and it taught me better perspective on shape.