Monday, March 18, 2013

Spray paint poster

The spray painting was relatively fun! Cutting out the stencils was actually really boring and that's the only part of the project that I didn't like. First what we did was went on the computer and edited our photo to make it have different colors. Next, we took a picture of the print out and projected it up on a board. From there, we traced each individual color on a different piece of poster board. Then, we cut out the poster board ans spray painted each color. I also learned some lessons that have to do with our drawing. The most important one would be to be VERY careful with the exacto knife (I accidently cut myself). The next would be to stand on the opposite side of the wind so the spray paint won't blow on your clothes. To me, this wasn't my favorite project. I definitely think I could've done a little better. I was a little disappointed with the result but I still really liked the colors I chose. Overall, this project was a fun, new experience that was hard work, but a good payoff.