Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frog Tongue

Today, we attached a frog to a tongue to make the person above look like their tongue was in the shape of a frog. First, we copy and pasted a picture of a frog and a picture of a tongue to Photoshop. Next, we had to crop the frog so that there was no background. After that, we had to make the background of the frog look like the tongue. And last, we added a shadow so it looked more realistic. Overall, I enjoyed this more than the pancake monster because it was easier which I was actually surprised about. This one took me a lot less time. It also looks better. I still enjoy regular drawing rather than Photoshop, but today was a better experience than the other day.

Monday, April 15, 2013

pancake monster

Today we attached a fish mouth to a delicious looking pancake creating.. "pancake monster". I found this assignment really annoying and tedious. As you can see, my pancake monster was more like a blob with teeth. I found it really difficult to cut out the fish mouth and to create a normal looking spot to put the pancake in. As you can see in the bottom of the picture, i had a tough time opening up the pancake correctly so that it would fit the mouth which obviously didn't work out a planned. I find myself enjoying actually drawing and painting rather tan using photo shop to create art. Furthermore, I don't like using computers to create any type of art. I pretty much just find photo shop confusing and annoying. I wish the outcome of the so called "pancake monster" turned out better and was easier but the picture itself obviously showed how much i struggled. Overall, I didn't enjoy this project and would rather use an actual pencil rather than a computer mouse.